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Awhile back an entity known as ‘Tier Instinct’ sent me a friend request and message on MySpace. I happily approved of his friendship and later, we agreed that an interview would be very interesting for the site. That is what you will find located below. Tier Instinct is a musician and a certified citizen of The Church of Satan. He has put together a project called ‘In Through This Devour’ which is set to have an album released by Black House Tribute Records in the soon to be future. His project has also seen air time on radio shows namely ‘The Haunted Noctuary’ and Radio Free Satan. Please take a moment to sit back, relax and read this brand new interview he has done for SDOM. I hope you enjoy.

1. What first attracted you to Satanism? How did you first discover The Church of Satan?

A.) I learned of Anton LaVey when I was a teenager. I read an interview with King Diamond in some metal magazine where he spoke of Anton LaVey and admitted to being a Satanist. Years later the name came back to me and I wanted to read more about Anton LaVey, so I purchased The Satanic Bible at a local bookstore. B.) After reading The Satanic Bible a few more times I went back to the bookstore, and purchased The Satanic Rituals. This was all that they had in the store but asked if I would like to order more from the author. I looked over their list of available books on Satanism and ordered The Secret Life of a Satanist by Blanche Barton. This is when I first discovered Church of Satan.

2. If you have had or could have the chance to speak with Anton LaVey, what would you of liked to talk to him about, what questions would you ask him?

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Doktor LaVey. I would have liked to discuss his synthesizer clock, and manipulation techniques that he wrote about in what is now known as The Satanic Witch. This a book that fascinates me and is a life long study. Also, I would have liked to talk with him about some of the people he has met and who had influence on him. His days in high school and the experiences he had then would make for interesting discussions. Then, I would like to have heard him talk more about his time with the carnivals and the circus shows he worked.

3. If you had to name 5 Satanic/occult books (outside of the works of Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton) that you would recommend for others to read what would they be? Who is your favorite author?

The Satanic Scriptures – Peter H. Gilmore
Essays in Satanism – James D. Sass
Beyond Good and Evil – Friedrich Nietzsche
The Antichrist – Friedrich Nietzsche
The Human Zoo – Desmond Morris

B.) Anton Szandor LaVey

4. What would you do if another Satanic Panic broke out in the media and America? What is the biggest threat facing Satanism in our modern age?

Nothing different than I already do. I keep a look out at all times for crazy people who would be threatened of my existence. The hierarchy in Church of Satan have gone to great lengths to educate the media on what Satanism is, and is not. There are no threats to Satanism that I can see. I guess some would say Devil Worshipers, or Pseudo-Satanists are a threat, but stratification will win out. There have always been Satanists and there always will be Satanists.

5. Artificial Environments. Artificial Human Companions. Both terms invented by LaVey. How much of a role do these two things play a role in your life? Do you have any suggestions on how to create these environments or companions for other Satanists?

I would suggest reading the literature by Doktor LaVey on the topic of a total environment. Each will find their own reflection and aesthetic demand. As far as the Artificial Human Companions are concerned, well, how can one go wrong? With a bit of imagination, one has the perfect artificial companion in every way. I think they are even making a Real Doll that speaks, and moves, too.

6. How important is ritual to you in your life as a Satanist? Is ritual absolutely necessary for magic to work it’s effects? And do you think the act of conducting magic in ritual a ‘faith based’ idea or it is more scientific than that?

Greater Magic is important to me, but it is something that I rarely discuss outside of the Church of Satan. It is scientific because science is a collection of facts that have been proven to work. Satanism is not about faith, but rather about what works. Greater Magic works!

7. If Hell was real, who might you first try to contact when you arrive there?

Gilda Radner

8. If you could change this world in any way whatsoever what exactly would you change?

Everything is as it should be. I do not think it is wise to work against nature.

9. Please tell me about any projects you might have and where you’re at in the online world.

I have recorded an album of spoken word that is accompanied with original special effects. ‘In Through This Devour’ will be available soon on Black House Tribute Records. The magic and charisma that is ‘In Through This Devour’ was created for my own pleasure, but soon became a project to be released out into the world on Black House Tribute Records.

Check out the official site for reviews at and at

10. Any final thoughts or anything you’d like to share?

To comprehend Satanism, one must first understand that Satan is a symbol. It is when we step into our intellectual decompression chambers that we exalt our most highest god, Satan. Which for myself, and most Satanists that I know, is an extension of ourselves.

Hail Satan!

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