Question #1: Please explain to us how you came to realize that you felt the need to produce music. What was your main motivation for doing so?

Answer: What I create I would not call music. It is art and magic, pure and simple. I wanted to bring to life the sounds and topics that I was hearing in my head. Issues are more interesting to me than empty tales of drinking or bar hopping that anyone can hear by turning on a radio station. I talk about everything from Werewolf transformation to ancient greeks and surround it all with an environment all it's own and then include V.A.S.C.A..

Question #2: Please state all the musicians who have heavily inspired you to make music.

Answer: The Ramones, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Johann Sebastian Bach, Christian Death, Motley Crue, Johnny Cash, The Police, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, The Cure, Slayer, The Cramps, W.A.S.P., Jerry Lee Lewis, Prong, Elvis, Venom, Concrete Blonde, Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Paycheck, Bauhaus, The Exploited, Misfits, Black Flag, The Doors and many more influenced me to make music. Anton Szandor LaVey inspired me to create my art that you can hear on In Through This Devour and The Chaos Magnet.

Question #3: Your first album, 'In Through This Devour' has got some attention. I listened to it and enjoyed it very much. You have a brand new album coming out very soon, what is it called and what is it's subject content?

Answer: Thank you! 'The Chaos Magnet' is the new album and it is the opposite of 'In Through This Devour'. Meaning, TCM is a full length studio album with full length tracks which build and carry the content to a more detailed expression. TCM features tracks that awaken the listener and offers an outlet of expression where otherwise would be left unsaid. Violence is alive in the beauty of the sound and is explored without apology. I mean it is violence that overthrew the likes of Saddam Hussein and we can see soldiers exhibiting pride and joy as a result. This is the emotion or feeling one can expect from TCM.

Question #4: I understand you were promoted to Warlock status with the Church of Satan. How does that feel to know that you've reached a place within a organization that you regard as very solid and true?

Answer: Yes, I was elevated to Warlock by Magus Gilmore on the 31st day of October in the 45th year of the Age of Satan. I am proud to be a part of the Infernal Empire and was overwhelmed and overjoyed with the news of my elevation to Church of Satan Warlock. It is simply an honor to be recognized by an organization that I hold in such high regard.

Question #5: I like the mask that you're wearing as featured on the images on your website. I assume it's a goat mask. Can you tell us any history behind this mask? Has it ever been used in the ritual chamber? Did you hand make it?

Answer: The Baphomet mask was handmade by Church of Satan member, Enki. His eye for detail and craftmanship is what led me to purchasing the mask when given the opportunity. The mask has been used in ritual and is also worn in pictures that were used for the video of In Through This Devour. I like how the mask causes a command to look and it remains a vital piece in my collection today.

Question #6: Are you someone that enjoys talking politics? If so, what are some main views you have regarding politics, in general?

Answer: It isn't that I enjoy talking politics but am perplexed at times at how others just take what politicians say as the gospel. I see these people as elected puppets who provide a distraction while the real issues are taking place behind the scenes. How long can they keep up the same song and dance and just how long will the people keep singing and dancing? I do not wish to express my political views but will tell you that I call for a reformation at the nation's capital.

Question #7: Are you what they call a closet Satanist or are you more outspoken and comfortable with letting people know how you feel about your path in Satanism?

Answer: Depends on my present location. I like to always be aware of my surroundings and who I am speaking with. Most of the time others can tell that I do not jive with white light philosophy or spirituality without ever mentioning Satanism. I am comfortable explaining what Satanism is when the time is right and will do so if if I stand to gain from it. For most there is just no point and the energy it would take is better spent on persoanl goals.

Question #8: Could you go more into depth on what is V.A.S.C.A.?

Answer: Sure. Violent Aesthetic Subconscious Agenda - here we have the promotion and glorification of violence. By means of this emotion we have lasting monuments and acceptable standards that promote elite lifestyles. VASCA is aimed and directed at only those who share in this concept and serves as a tool which awakens when explored on The Chaos Magnet. Some will be more sensitive than others but theVASCA will be explored by all who pick up or hear The Chaos Magnet. For the entire concept I suggest exploring The Black Dragon Conclave (A Manifesto) found on The Chaos Magnet.

Question #9: How long have you been a practicing macigian and what first brought you to accept that part of your psyche?

Answer: As a child I often found ways to gain my desires and would employ them at will. Because I was never content with the selected person that my mother replaced her husband with, I withdrew and created an environment in my bedroom where I would spend countless hours
doing what pleased me. As I matured and learned of the black arts I began seeking out books on the topic. The first book I found was at a local library and was Out of the Cauldron, by Bernice Kohn Hunt.

From there I would research but was never content with what I was reading. I also discovered Aleister Crowley and began reading many of his works. However, I always felt confused and doubted many of his methods. I do understand him better now but see him for the compulsive lunatic that he was rather a sorcerer. Once I discovered The Satanic Bible and grasped the information within is when I started having fun and started seeing real results. So as you can see I have always practiced magic but it was when I discovered Satanism that I had a sense of homecoming.

Question #10: Have you ever been a member of any other religion, or spiritual/religious path? If so, please state why.

Answer: No. As a child my mother took me to her Christian church and I was the eager student. I learned the religion but never accepted it and would observe the adults who were more interested in the social aspect rather the religious side of things. The services were boring and the building stank of absence and mold. I have never been a spiritual person and is one of the reasons why all of the other books on the occult or Witchcraft that I had read before The Satanic Bible were not interesting to me. I am a born Satanist and acknowledge the carnal.

Question #11: What is the biggest impact magic has had on your life?

Answer: Hard to say because I impact life. Magic is a tool that enhances my life and I acknowledge that is all.

Question #12: How much production went into your two albums? What was the recording process like?

Answer: I spent a year with each album from start to finish. I put myself into each working and devoted most of my free time to producing these. In Through This Devour was recorded at a friends recording studio. He did all of the recording and mixing while I was in the studio. I was not happy with his techniques but managed to achieve the sound I wanted. For this reason I decided that I would be recording the next album and I have done just that.

Question 13: How far do you want your art to go?

Answer: No limits and none should there be. If I wasn't me and heard these I would want them. The V.A.S.C.A. is that quick for those who get it. We at infernal Records are making it so that anyone who can get them will have the chance to do so.

Question #14: What instruments do you use, and how much of them are digital or "analog?"

Answer: Instinct or Instinctual studios is equipped with most needed instruments and effect processors. These are also equipped with USB and are used as a software plug-in. This allows me to experiment and find the perfect sound all from the computer.

Question #15: What book by Anton LaVey is your favorite and why?

Answer: I could not answer that because all of his books make up the Satanic canon and each is a treasure in my library and heart as one tome. Get 'em all and one is equipped with diabolical source material. They are all my favorite.

Question #16: Where can we listen to, and purchase your music?

The digital download and physical CD can be purchased at the same location.
The tracks can also be previewed.